KUNG FU Frozen Pork & Prawn Siu Loong Bun ODSJB21C


Chinese delicacies traditionally eaten for ‘Yum Cha’ brunch, accompanied by Chinese tea, and now popular as a starter to the main meal or as a special snack. 

Siu Loong Bao
A sought-after speciality from Jiangsu province, also known as Shanghai Bun or Soup Bun. The pork-filled bun has a delicate pastry skin and delicious mouthful of soup on the inside. Available in three recipes: Premier Pork, Pork and Prawn and Pork and Cheese.

  • Easy to prepare
  • Cook from frozen
  • Ready to eat in 15 minutes
  • Three flavours
  • 300g / 12 pieces per pack

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