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Oriental Food Express was founded in 2011 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire to supply the growing population of Overseas Chinese students in the UK and Europe with their favourite dumplings and sliced hot pot meats under the brand name Kung Fu Food. Since then our range has grown and in addition to our award-winning dumplings and hot-pot meats, we make siu loong bao (soup buns), traditional steam buns and a growing range of fried and dim sum products.

We are also an importer and wholesaler of premium Chinese and East Asian food brands, introducing high-quality brands to the UK and European markets.

Our mission is to preserve China’s cuisine and introduce it to new audiences with both traditional and innovative products that Chinese and Western food lovers will enjoy.

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Company History

As an overseas Chinese student in the UK our founder Bruce enjoyed discovering the culture and cuisine of the UK but also missed the traditional food of his home country, especially dumplings, an essential dish on festival dates and at celebration dinners.

With no products available in the shops, Chinese students undertook the time-consuming task of making dumplings themselves in their cramped student kitchens. Bruce had always been a keen cook and wondered if there could be a better way.

After graduating he set up his own restaurant and noticed that his home-cooked dumplings were popular with both local and Chinese customers, and so he decided to find a way to make authentic dumplings – that were quick and easy to prepare – for everyone to enjoy. 

Not long after Kung Fu Food was founded and our products quickly became a favourite with Chinese and European customers alike. We are now one of the market leaders in the UK and Europe with offices in Shrewsbury, London and the Netherlands.

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