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Oriental Food Express acts as an importer and wholesaler for over 70 Chinese, Japanese and other East Asian food brands including ChiMei, Oriental, Ajinomoto, Mushroom, Kim Son, Spring Home, Delico, Kirin, Weilong and Wheatsun. We are the exclusive UK distributor for Synear, Meet Fresh, De Zhuang BaiXiang.


Synear Food is China’s biggest producer of traditional fast-frozen Chinese food delicacies including vegetarian dumplings, glutinous rice balls, steamed buns, wontons and pancakes.

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DeZhuang International

Oriental Food Express is the exclusive UK distributor of DeZhuang International products.
DeZhuang International share our philosophy of introducing the world to the genuine taste of Chinese cuisine and are the perfect partner for our hot-pot meat slices. We stock over 30 products from DeZhuang International’s range of hot-pot bases, spice packs and cook-in sauces and ChinEAT condiments.

  • Unique ‘Li’s spicy degree’ rating allows consumers to pick the heat level that’s right for them.
  • DeZhuang International only use premium ingredients authenticated through fully traceable growing and supply systems. All products are ISO 14001 certified.


Chimei is a Taiwanese frozen food company that specialises in Hong Kong-style confectionery, pastry cakes and other Chinese and Western food products. The company also launched gift products such as ChiMei Golden Pineapple Cake and C’est si bon Anniversary Cake, and exported to North America, Europe, Japan and other countries and regions.

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Meet Fresh

Meet Fresh is a Taiwanese dessert brand, founded by Fu Da Jie and Fu Da Ge in 2007 in Taichung. The brand specializes in handmade taro balls, tofu pudding, grass jelly and other traditional delicacies, emphasizing the freshness, naturalness and healthiness of the ingredients . The brand has branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, the United States and other regions , and uses the English name Meet Fresh to promote overseas.


BaiXiang is China’s biggest manufacturer of fine-dried and instant noodles.

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